Mini-Medical School II will be offered in the Spring of 2020.

Mini-Medical School II is offered once a year in spring. 

Adults do not have to take the classes in order. You can take Mini-Medical School II even if you haven’t yet taken Mini-Medical School I.

Seven evening lectures and several exciting labs present information on the latest advances in clinical medicine:

  • Become certified in Adult CPR and AED (defibrillator).
  • Physical Therapy Lab: Have your balance and posture assessed and learn new ways to make lasting improvements. Taught by the Washington University Physical Therapy faculty and students, which is one of the top PT schools in the country.
  • Learn microsurgery! Try suturing under the microscope with sutures so small it is hard to see with the naked eye. Taught by fellows in Vascular Surgery.
  • Practice the fundamentals of physical examination. Learn how to use otoscopes and stethoscopes. This lab also includes an opportunity to handle anatomy organs, view X-rays and listen to abnormal heart and lung sounds.

Enrollment limit: 110
Cost: $185.00 per person

Spring 2020

Agenda TBD