Mini-Medical School I

Students in Mini-Medical School I, which is offered in the fall and spring, attend lectures and participate in the following hands-on training:

  • Learn operating room protocol and practice surgical techniques of the future. Learn from surgical residents how to suture and guide minimally invasive surgical instruments using a miniaturized video camera.
  • Tour the Washington University School of Medicine Genome Institute one of the largest in the world. Learn about the techniques used to decode the biological instruction manual for constructing a human being.
  • Tour the Bernard Becker Medical Library Media Center. See what computers can do to enhance medical students' learning.

FALL 2018 Session: September 25 - November 13, 2018



Enrollment Limit:
Cost: $185.00 per person

Student Registration opens July 10th, 2018

Register Online

Ph: 314-362-6585

Email: minimed@wustl.edu