Mini-Med I | Mini-Med III

Mini-Med I

Fall 2013 Session: September 24 – November 12

September 24

Emergency Medicine: The Real “ER”
Cynthia A. Wichelman, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine 
Course Director, Mini-Medical School

Stroking Out: The Brain Under Attack
Allyson R. Zazulia, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology and Radiology
BJC Stroke Team

October 1

Never Too Tiny For Surgery: Neonatal Surgery 
Brad W. Warner, MD
Jessie L. Ternberg, MD PhD Distinguished Professor 
of Pediatric Surgery, Surgeon-in-Chief 
St Louis Children’s Hospital

Crooked Toes, Ankle Woes and 
Everything In Between 
Jeffrey E. Johnson, MD
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery 
Chief of Service, Foot and Ankle

October 8

Am I Losing My Memory? 
A Primer on Alzheimer’s Disease
John C. Morris, MD
Harvey A. and Dorismae Hacker Foundation Distiguished 
Professor of Neurology, Director, Center for Aging

Not Under the Knife: 
Percutaneous Heart Valve Replacement

Alan Zajarias, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular
Disease, Invasive Interventional Cardiology

October 15

The Impact of Health Care Reform on BJC
Richard J. Liekweg, MBA
President of Barnes-Jewish Hospital and 
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

The Ups and Downs of Thyroid Disease
William E. Clutter, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Endocrinology

October 22

Keeping the Beat:
Restoring Rhythms of the Heart 
Phillip S. Cuculich, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of 
ascular Disease,Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist 
Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center

Preparing for the Worst: Bioterrorism and
Pandemic Flu 
Steven J. Lawrence, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious 
Diseases, Associate Director of Emergency Response 
Training, Midwest Regional Center of Excellence for 
Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research

October 29 ( 7-9:30pm)

High-Tech Minimally Invasive Surgery
L. Michael Brunt, MD
Professor of Surgery
Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Co-Director, Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Suture Lab: Surgery Techniques and
Laparoscopic Simulation

November 5

Lumps, Stones & Danger Zones:
Salivary Gland Disorders 
M. Allison Ogden, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery

Oops, That Lump is not a Lipoma! 
Sarcoma, with patient presentation 
Brian A. Van Tine. MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology 
Sarcoma Program Director

November 12

Medical and Surgical Ethics: Tough Issues
Ira J. Kodner, MD
Solon and Bettie Gershman Professor of Surgery Division 
of General Surgery Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Graduation and Reception

Mini-Med III

Fall 2013 Session: September 26 – November 14

September 26

Multiple Sclerosis
Anne H. Cross, MD
Professor of Neurology
Director, John L. Trotter Multiple Sclerosis Center

Sickle Cell Disease
Morey A. Blinder, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology

October 3

1. Dermatomyositis
2. Scleroderma

Richard Brasington, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology
Director of Clinical Rheumatology

October 10

Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Michael Valente, PhD
Professor of Otolaryngology & Audiology and
Communication Sciences Director of Adult Audiology

Cochlear Implants
Jonathan L. McJunkin, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery

October 17

1. Meningioma
2. Arteriovenous Malformation

Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD
Henry G. and Edith R. Schwartz Professor and
Chairman of Neurosurgery

October 24

Inflammatory Bowel Disease:
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Alexandra Gutierrez, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology 
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

Lukas D. Wartman, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Hematology and Oncology
Section of Bone Marrow Transplant and Leukemia, and 
Stem Cell Biology 

October 31

David B. Clifford, MD
Melba and Forest Seay Professor of Clinical Neuropharmacology 
in Neurology
Director, AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

Lung Transplantation
Bryan F. Meyers, MD, MPH
Patrick and Joy Williamson Professor of Surgery
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Chief
Section of Thoracic Surgery

November 7

Cosmetic Surgery
Terrence M. Myckatyn, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Cerebral Palsy
Janice E. Brunstrom-Hernandez, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
Director, Pediatric Neurology Cerebral Palsy Center

November 14

Movement Disorders:
1. Parkinson’s Disease
2. Dystonia

Joel S. Perlmutter, MD
Elliot H. Stein Family Chair in Neurology
Professor of Radiology and of Physical Therapy
Head of Movement Disorders

Graduation and Reception